Dr. Brinda Porwal
M.S., D.O.M.S.

  • M.B.,B.S. (B.J.Medical College, Ahmedabad)
  • M.S. in Ophthalmology (M & J Western Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad)
  • Training in Strabismology under Dr K.L. Audich, Ahmedabad.
Career Graph:
Tutor & Assistant Professor in Department of Ophthalmology, GuruGobind Singh Hospital, M.P.Shah Medical College, Jamnagar, Gujarat (1998-2004)
Head of Squint Unit at SSG Eye Institute, Swaminarayan Gurukul Hospital, Rajkot, Gujarat (2004-2008).
Associate Director at Retina Hospital, Rajkot, Gujarat (from March 2008)
Now practicing mainly Strabismology and Medical Retina
(Also Refractive surgery at an associate center).

As of October 2009, more than 11 years of diverse experience in Ophthalmology, initially as a medical teacher, developing to a Phaco surgeon later graduating to a Phaco teacher,all along patiently maintaining her interest in Strabismology (Squint). She now handles Medical Retina & Squint at Retina Hospital in addition to being fluent with Refractive surgery.

Areas of special clinical interest:
Strabismology & Low Vision aids.

Philanthropic interest: Has a big role in the charitable activities of Dinesh Porwal Charitable Trust.

Though she is an accomplished Phaco Surgeon and Teacher, Dr Brinda Porwal has willingly sidelined a promising career in Phaco surgery to support her husband in the policy of ‘No Phacos at Retina Hospital’.

Dr. Brinda Porwal
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